Simmax® Bi-Fuel Systems

SIMMAX Bi-Fuel Systems safely convert industrial diesel engines to bi-fuel operation by substituting diesel fuel with up to 75% gaseous fuel.  The system is composed of 4 elements - The SIMMAX-ComAp control panel, modulating type gas train, DENOX knock monitoring system and engine temperature and knock sensors.

 The benefits of installing SIMMAX Bi-Fuel Systems include; 

  • Substantial reduction in diesel consumption and saving in operational costs. 
  • Lower emissions - Substantial reduction in particulate matter and NOX
  • Best in class ComAp engine protection
  • No de-rating of engine power output
  • Extended run times where limited diesel fuel storage possible
  • Fuel flexibility - !00% diesel operation is always available and no downtime
  • No Internal modifications to the engine, completely stand-alone system
  • No OEM or engine system modifications
  • Capable of multiple alternative fuel ... IE: NG, LNG, CNG Bio Gass